About Our Company

Our Story

Pipeline Plumbing was started by Adam and Lori Faren in 2004, out of their home’s garage in Lake Oswego. Adam, a licensed Journeyman Plumber in the state of California and Oregon and Lori, who had worked for her family fishing business, decided to take both their Plumbing and business experiences and start their own company. Adam’s vision was to create a work environment where an employee could come to work and be proud of where he or she was working and who they were working next too.

Over the years, we have grown to a staff of 19 great people! Adam and Lori are so proud that a large number of their employees have been with them since the first few years the company was in business. Once Pipeline Plumbing outgrew their home office/garage in Lake Oswego, they moved the office to the Tigard area, closer to the freeways and plumbing supply houses.


We Keep Growing

Pipeline Plumbing is all about slow growth, making sure the right people are recruited and trained to do things the right way with “quality and integrity”. We try hard not to take on more than we can handle, making sure we give our full attention to projects we are working on.

Pipeline definitely believes in taking care of their employees and customers. We feel that when employees are happy, this makes a positive impact to our customers.

Our Mission

"We pride ourselves on how well versed we are in the plumbing industry, being able to accommodate our clients with most plumbing issues or projects that come our way. We work very hard to keep our clients happy, making sure they feel we are working hard for them. We have an amazing group of plumbers with years of great experience. We stay very consistent with the level of quality work we provide, at the same time trying to keep our pricing affordable."