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Welcome to the #PipelineFam (as one of our plumbers always says!) Adam and Lori Faren started Pipeline Plumbing out of their garage in 2004. Almost 20 years later we have so many amazing employees who we value tremendously. It is important to us that our employees feel valued and that they fit in with the people they are working with.


Employee Testimonials 2024

Read the glowing testimonials from our satisfied Pipeline Plumbing employees, sharing their positive experiences working with us.

“Over the 16 years working in the field, Pipeline has by far been the best job I have ever had. The atmosphere, other employees, owners, every aspect of my job makes it enjoyable to come into work every day.”

9 year employee

“The quality of jobs we complete is top notch and I am proud of the work I do. I value my coworkers, the freedom to run my own jobs, and the opportunity for growth. The work atmosphere is fun and productive and the support I receive from management and the owners always leaves me feeling heard. Pipeline is a place to call home, the owners are always open to new ideas for business growth as well as personal growth. It is the last plumbing shop you will ever need to work for! Having the option to work a 4 day a week schedule leaves room for a great work/life balance which I find awesome and important!”

12 year employee

“Pipeline is not just another company to me; I love the family atmosphere here. I’m able to go to work knowing I will see coworkers that are here to teach and support me through my workday; from the office staff to the journeyman plumbers there is a wide range of experience that makes me confident when going out in the field that I’ll be able to do the work at hand."

3 year employee


  • Best Compensation Package (hourly PLUS a unique quarterly profit sharing system-JPs make an average of $6.00 per hour OVER hourly wage )
  • Best Trucks and Tool Packages
  • Great Team/Family
  • Medical & Dental Coverage
  • 401k and company match
  • Alfac Offered
  • Paid Holidays/Vacation/Sick Time
  • Company events at least 2x per year
  • Yearly Employee reviews
  • Fun contests throughout the year
  • Owners who work in the business and care about the employees

Why pipeline Plumbing?

Pipeline Plumbing is all about slow growth, making sure the right people are recruited and trained to do things the right way with “quality and integrity”. We try hard not to take on more than we can handle, making sure we give our full attention to projects we are working on.


Happy Plumbers Having Fun 😊

Pipeline Plumbing offers a vibrant work atmosphere where fun is at the core. With a focus on creating a positive environment, the company organizes various family-friendly events throughout the year, ensuring a great balance between work and enjoyment for all employees.

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Join our thriving plumbing company and open doors to endless opportunities!

Join our exceptional plumbing company and unlock a world of opportunities! With the best compensation package, top-of-the-line trucks and tools, comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, and 401k, profit sharing, and much more, we prioritize your financial well-being. But it doesn't end there - we're not just a workplace, we're a fun-loving family. Enjoy paid holidays, vacation time, sick leave, and engaging company events while being treated with utmost respect by owners who actively work alongside you.