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Pipeline Plumbing is the preferred local plumbing company for laundry room plumbing services. Whether this is part of your basement or a separate room, we can give you the high-quality level of professional service that you want, need, and deserve. It’s important to have a reliable resource for this and all of your plumbing service needs. During your time as a homeowner, you’ll find there are a number of tasks that make your to-do list that require the expertise of a seasoned plumber. This area needs to be functional and ready to handle all the workload of keeping your family’s clothing clean. Let our laundry room plumbing experts get your washing machine hooked up properly, maintained and repaired, then replaced when needed.

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We Can Help With Laundry room remodel

If your drains, lines or hoses are giving you problems we can help. View some of our laundry room services below:


  • Washing machine outlet box installation for easy access to shut off water during an emergency leak or malfunction.
  • Laundry sink installation and repair to ensure that your laundry utility sink is installed correctly and repaired by professionals if problems arise.
  • Drain cleaning to resolve backups in your floor drains.

Quality & Affordable Laundry room remodel Services

We pride ourselves on how well versed we are in the plumbing industry, being able to accommodate our clients with most plumbing issues or projects that come our way. We work very hard to keep our clients happy, making sure they feel we are working hard for them. We have an amazing group of plumbers with years of great experience. We stay very consistent with the level of quality work we provide, at the same time trying to keep our pricing affordable. Call: 503-624-1906 or Schedule Service.


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We work very hard to keep our clients happy, making sure they feel we are working hard for them.