Tips for every new homeowner

Congratulations! You have either purchased your first home or have moved into a home new to you!
Here’s 4 tips every new (or old 😉) homeowner should know when it comes to their plumbing system;

  1. locate your homes main water shut off valve. This is important for every homeowner to know in the event a case of pipe breaks. (We posted an article on how to do this a few weeks ago)
  2. if you didn’t already have a plumbing inspection when you purchased your home, you may want to consider doing this. This will give you the overall assessment of issues that may need to be dealt with right away and those that can wait. Not only will this help you budget, but this could prevent costly issues from coming up unexpectedly in the future.
  3. Regularly have your drains cleared. Hair, debris, etc can continually build up over time and by keeping your drains clear, it will keep the plumbing’s drain system functioning on a regular basis. Setting up routine cleaning could prevent bigger issues such as a whole house back up.
  4. Drain and Flush your water heater. Most manufacturers recommend flushing and draining your water heater once per year. This will add life to your water heater by flushing it out on a regular basis.
    Enjoy your new home!!

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