Water Leaks

Have you ever had a water drop or leak from a pipe at your home? Not only can a small leak turn into a burst pipe, leading to flooding or other issues, but studies show the average household will waste 10,000 gallons of water due to untreated leaks.
Here’s some tips to prevent leaks from “springing” up;
💧regularly check under your sinks, around toilets and in your crawl space for potential leaks or unusual water spots.
💧keep an eye on your water bill (some leaks occur in the wall where they can not be seen)
💧if you hear any unusual running water when your fixtures are shut off, this should be addressed right away. Here’s some tips on how to prevent your drains from clogging;
Yuck! No one likes clogged drains and smelly back ups. Sometimes it can turn into a costly issue if not prevented or left untreated.
🛀1)use drain covers. This helps prevent anything from “accidentally” falling down the drain or controls months of hair build up.
🛠2)have your drains cleared once per year. This can prevent any “build up” from lingering and potentially causing bigger problems such as a drain break or a whole house back up.
🚽3)Be mindful of what you put down your drains. We come across a lot of paper towels, toys, baby wipes and diapers when we unclog drains.

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